About Sagun



Hi! I am Sagun. I welcome you to the world of my thoughts and expressions, which I call a “room of my own.”

Here, you will find my poetries, articles, and thoughts that may not belong to any category. I have also included the pictures taken by me.

I write in English and Nepali.




15 thoughts on “About Sagun

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  1. Sagun is a rising star. She is capable of performing at optimum level to any end of life and in career. I am proud she is my friend, whom I have seen growing together with me from childhood.


  2. I happen to visit this site today.. You got great talent. Those words are very well selected in your creations. Keep it up.

  3. सगुन दिदीको चिन्ता, चिन्तन अनि देश र विश्वप्रति दर्शन मननीय लाग्यो।

  4. कविता मन परेकोले भाषागत शुद्धा शुद्धी सहित मेरो ब्लग ramkshrestha.wordpress.com मा राखेको जानकारी गराउछु

  5. hello mam,
    nice to see your blog,really impressing.
    I have been searching the nepali blogs contributing for th development of the nepali litreture and find one of your very much impresing.Me and my team has been palnning to establish the a Literary club which include the poem reciting,books revies,literary discussion,documentary show and many more events for the development of the nepali literature so if we could meet once and share our views I would be highly delighted.

    BA 2nd year
    If you think it will be good worling together for the development of nepali litreture….

    THANKYOU……….hope to get ypur reply soon……..

  6. I went through sagun’s poem. Very neatly crafted.words are tailored in such a simple design which is heart touching. Wish sagun a great days a head.

  7. sagun kind of personality is the rarest one. she dares to know and make others understand as well. she possesses a[the] finest spirit of holding oneself in order to make others move ahead, no matter whatever the situation is, she does have the power to let the things move ahead: a true motivator, brilliant speaker with her thunderous laughter and intellect aura she is the she one.

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