You and Me

“You came you saw you conquered”

What had I to combat…?

I loved and hated you at the same time

A sincere parody of dichotomy

You and me,

The colonizer and the colonized

My thoughts, actions and words

Reflect you

That’s what i hear every where…

Even, though…

I wanted to put down the shutters on you

… you invaded my privacy

Settled in my sovereign heart

And kept the army of your memories

As undercover agents,


Would not leave me unaccompanied

I tried to break free,


I did not want to break free

I convinced myself, being your colony isn’t bad though

I accepted what i couldn’t cure..

I was wrong…

an expansionist…that were you

unbearable !!

“I rationalized I revolted I retreated”

But you are inside me as an insidious ordeal

I don’t find myself in me

I find you in me

You are still alive in my dead memories

I ask my body “are you mine?”

“yes” it says

My heart however says “no, absolutely not”

I stand in- between them

Where do I go with this fragmented identity?

I am me but you rule me

You and me

The colonizer and the colonized.

Sagun Basnet

December 24 2007


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